Explore Pinebrook Intro Video

Product: Intro video bumper for Explore Pinebrook
Discipline: Audio/Video, Motion Graphics
Tools Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

The Process

In my video production class, I worked on a team of 3 and created a promotional video featuring a talking head which we filed, and combined that with mountain biking and nature footage. We created a fictitious company Explore Pinebrook, a destination marketing organization.

My class learned After Effects in the term that followed, and one of our assignments was for each of us to individually create a video bumper for one of the videos we made in the previous term. I chose Explore Pinebrook, and decided to use vector graphics for the video. The graphics were static, and I decided to move them in a meaningful way in order to tell a story.

Final Product

After creating the movements for each vector graphic, I added music and put it all together to create the video bumper.