I like to write about my journey into web development!

12 steps to creating an animated HTML5 banner ad.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to train a group of print designers who were interested in learning how to design and animate HTML5 digital ads. I started off by assigning a tutorial that teaches the basics of Adobe … Read More

Tutorial: How to get setup on GitHub

…or rather “How to git setup on Github”? Ok I’ll let myself out. But first I’ll finish writing this tutorial.

Pretty exciting because I finally got to learn some Git today, and just created my first repository on Github. My … Read More

Let’s build a virtual piano!

I┬ádiscovered this 30-day JS Challenge and decided to give the projects a try. School break starts in 6 days and I’ve been feeling the crunch for a couple of weeks now. But I stumbled across this great 30-day JavaScript challenge … Read More