Startup Fruition Newsletter Writing & Design

Product: Designing a newsletter
Discipline: Graphic design, layout, writing
Tools Used: InDesign


We were given the task to put together articles and other content we think the newsletter should have, and then put it all together in a newsletter format. What immediately came to mind was business and start-ups. Having worked for a software company prior to starting the New Media program, I had some knowledge and interesting things I learned on the job that I wanted to share.

Creative Process

While I was creating the newsletter, I decided that I wanted my newsletter to resemble a glossy print-magazine, just like how I would picture presentable business content. From there, I presented my content on 2-3 column pages and used eye-catching graphics to draw readers’ attention.

The most challenging part for me was figuring out how to display non-article content in an eye-catching way. In the end, I realized that using bold colours and shapesnot only made my content really stand out, but it matched well with the rest of the content.

Final Product