Fantasy Stats Web & Mobile App

Product: Fantasy Stats Mobile & Web App
Discipline: IA, UI, Front-End Development
Tools Used: Sketch, Photoshop, Bootstrap, jQuery, Chart.js


Fantasy Stats is an ongoing mobile and web app development project between my partner and I, which we started on January 2017. Our main goal is to build data visualization tools to help Yahoo! NHL Fantasy Hockey owners. As we slowly add features to our app, our current goal is to help Fantasy Hockey owners to determine the quality of their draft picks.

For Fantasy Stats, I’m in charge of the art direction, conducting usability research, designing a UI that will appeal to the app’s target audience, and building the landing page and front-end interface which showcases the data and insights.

Craig is in charge of the back-end, gathering data from Yahoo! Fantasy Sports API, and using Scala and the Play Framework to produce meaningful insights.



For web:

For mobile:


Update: March 2017

We’ve built a working prototype and it can be accessed here.