BCIT Link Magazine Publications

During the 2016 – 2017 school year at BCIT, I worked as a student editor for the BCIT Student Association on the Link Magazine team. My main role was to manage the online community, engage the student body on social media, and work with students to produce blog content for the website.

In addition to writing my own blog content, I wrote some pieces for the monthly print magazine.

In the October 2016 issue, I wrote a piece called “NHL Season Preview” on what my predictions were for the 2016/17 hockey season.

Click here to read the NHL Season Preview on Issuu. 

In the March 2017 issue, I interviewed Stephen Cohos, 4th year BCIT Civil Engineering student on his modular housing project that won first place at the STEM Spotlight Awards.







Click here to read my interview with Stephen Cohos on Issuu. 

In the final issue that my team worked on – April 2017 – I had the honour of writing the introduction piece.










Click here to read my introduction piece on Issuu.